Controlled Reopening of Club

Based on Governor Baker’s four phase reopening policy

the Club will reopen on Monday, May 25,2020

The reopening will be with restrictions to provide all members with as safe an environment as possible.

The reopening will rely on the following conditions:

  • Club members only will be allowed to use facilities.
  • No guests or family members until further notice
  • Social distancing will be observed on all Venues
  • If you feel sick, have fever, cough, or are sneezing consider your fellow members health and stay home
  • Bring your own Face Mask and wear at all practical times. Gloves are optional
  • Face Mask is required when within 6 feet of other members
  • Disinfecting spray and hand towels will be available to wipe all surfaces and Club equipment.
  • Bring your own hand wipes to clean your personal equipment.

Board and Committee members will monitor compliance to policy.

Individuals not following these guidelines will be requested to leave for the day.

  • Hours of Operation:

    • Monday – Saturday 10 am thru 4 pm,
      • Outdoor Range (except Sunday)
      • Archery Range
      • Canoe and Kayak launch area
      • Trout Pond (Not Stocked)
    • Saturday & Sunday Noon – 4 pm
      • Skeet and Trap Fields
      • Outdoor Range (Sunday only)
    • A Porta- Potti will be located near the Practice Trap Field. Cleaning supplies will be provided for each user to clean up after themselves.
    • Closed until further notice:

      • Club house including Kitchen, Rest Rooms, and Hall
      • Indoor Range
      • Skeet and Trap House
      • Practice field
  • Conditions for Venues:

    • Skeet and Trap
      • Upon arriving at Skeet & Trap fields committee members will provide details regarding signing up, paying, squad shooting and moving off fields.
      • Shooters are not encouraged to gather in groups before and after shooting
      • Initially refreshments (crackers/water etc.) will not be available, bring your own
    • Outdoor Pistol Range
      • Only six (6) shooters in range at one time. Shooters will use the numbered positions
      • Shooters must limit their shooting time to one hour
      • If no other shooters waiting continuing shooting
      • Prior and after shooting wipe down shooting station and Target stands used
      • All other Standard Operating Procedures will be followed
      • Range will be monitored by camera for compliance to guidelines
      • Range will be closed if guidelines are not followed
    • Archery
      • Four shooting stations available
      • Limit shooting time to one hour unless no other members are waiting
      • Members must use their own equipment
      • After shooting wipe down target and all other areas touched
    • Canoe and Kayak launch area
      • Wipe down any surfaces touched
    • Trout Pond
      • Respect appropriate distancing limiting to 10 fishermen at one time


  • Thank you for visiting the Fin, Fur, and Feather web site.
  • The Fin, Fur, and Feather is a private, not for profit membership sporting club located on 100 acres overlooking the Charles River at the end of Larch Road in Millis, Massachusetts.
  • One of the oldest sporting clubs in Massachusetts, established in 1927, it was originally located in Natick, and relocated to it’s present location in the early 1950’s.
  • The Club provides a safe, friendly, year round sporting and social experience for members and their guests.
  • Our Indoor and covered Outdoor Pistol Ranges are open 7 Days a week. Our 2 combination Trap/Skeet/ and Sporting Clays Fields are open Saturday and Sunday starting at noon. A third Trap Field is reserved for Shotgun shooting instruction and practice. In addition, there is an outdoor Archery Range, stocked Trout Pond, Game Preserve for Pheasant Hunting, and access to the Charles River for canoeing/kayaking.
  • The Club hosts numerous special events throughout the year; current events are listed on our calendar. Through our affiliation with Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts (GOAL), we host firearm training clinics, Massachusetts gun law classes, and annual women’s shooting clinics. We also have club members who are certified by the Massachusetts State Police to prepare new shooters for their FID/ LTC Application. During the summer we support a formal Youth Trap Shooting Instructional League led by certified instructors and coaches. During the winter months the Club's Pistol team participates in bullseye shooting leagues.
  • Our Club members come from throughout Eastern Massachusetts. We consider the Club to be a comfortable venue for men, women, youth, and families. The Club has an open membership policy and welcomes new members year round.

Board of Directors and Committee Chairmen

Board of Directors

President - Paul Marier
Vice President - Jon Ennis
Treasurer - Tom Lynch
Secretary - Greg Nealand
Director - John Grady
Director - Steve Burton
Director - Mark Bush
Director - Brian Quinn

Board Rep - Skeet & Trap - Tad Bengston
Board Rep - Rifle & Pistol - Tim Johnson
Board Rep - Fish & Game - Ray Edelman

Contact the BOD @

Contact Skeet & Trap @

Contact Rifle and Pistol @

Contact Fish & Game @