Clays at The Fin Fur and Feather
Skeet and Trap

The Fin, Fur and Feather Club offers its members two well maintained fields for skeet and trap, normally available for shooting on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Both fields are set up as combination fields for both skeet and trap. They feature automatic Beomat Traps and a Canterbury Voice Release System. Singles, Doubles and Handicap Targets are thrown to NSSA and ATA standards.

Each year we hold a number of inter- and intra-club matches, including the Medfield Golden and Route 109 Trap Shoots, Club Trap and Skeet Championship shoots, and a number of lucky targets shoots.


Our NSCA 5-Stand layout provides challenging targets similar to regular sporting clays, but in a more compact area. Five targets are shot on each of five stations. Seven different traps provide various target presentations including incoming, quartering, teal, rabbit, and targets from a tower behind the shooters. Five-Stand is great fun and sharpens your shooting skills. Beginning shooters, as well as intermediate and advanced, enjoy the array of targets that can be practiced from the five shooting stations.

There are three levels of difficulty: Level I, five single targets; Level II, three singles and a double; Level III, one single and two doubles. Shooters can move from station to station with a predetermined menu of shots and combinations, or in a sequence unknown to the shooters.


We shoot non-toxic loads at the Fin Fur and Feather. 12 and 20 gauge steel shot ammunition is available for purchase in the Skeet House.

Members may bring their own shells, either factory loads or reloads. The maximum shot size is #6, and the shot load limit is 1 1/8 oz. All shells not purchased from the club are subject to verification.

Shooting Hours

Saturday & Sunday 12:00 - 3:30PM

5-Stand is scheduled for the third weekend of each month, and at other times depending on demand (usually the highest on Sundays).

Please note that The Fin, Fur and Feather is a private club, open to members and their guests only. Members may host a maximum of two guests at a time, and any one person may shoot as a guest a maximum of three times during the year.


$11 per round, including shells

$3 per round w/o shells

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