Pistol Ranges

The pistol ranges at the Fin, Fur and Feather offer Club members, their families and guests a safe, well maintained, and clean location to enjoy shooting year round. The indoor and outdoor pistol ranges are popular spots for members to meet and practice shooting revolvers, semi-autos, and rimfire rifles at target distances up to 75 feet. Plinking is allowed on the outdoor range using approved targets such as cans and soft plastic containers.

The Indoor Range is a standard 50 foot NRA range built for conventional .22 caliber bullseye competition. The Fin, Fur and Feather has an active pistol team. We are a member of the Maspenock Handgun League, and compete in NRA-approved pistol matches every Wednesday evening from September through April. The season consists of 30 matches, 15 at home and 15 away. You can use iron or red dot sights. The Pistol Team also shoots each Wednesday evening during the summer, from late April through August. New shooters are always welcome. You need only be a Club Member and have access to a .22 caliber pistol. For more information about the League, see theMaspenock Handgun League website.

The 75 foot Outdoor Range is intended for larger caliber handguns. The target stands may be placed at any distance from 10 feet to 75 feet as long as all shots are on target.


Indoor Range (50-foot)
Outdoor Range (75-foot)
Hours Of Operation

Indoor Range
7am to 10pm daily

Outdoor Range
Monday - Saturday: Sunrise to sunset (but no earlier than 7am)
Open Sundays 12:00 noon to 6:00pm Daylight Saving Time,
11:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time (or until sunset at the latest).

Scheduled club events and work parties have priority over time and ranges. The club is closed Christmas and Easter. See the calendar for scheduled events.

Ammunition allowed on the Indoor Range:

I. Handguns
- No magnum, +P or +P+ loads.
- No steel or steel jacketed ammunition, including BB's.
- Paper targets only.

II. Rifles and Carbines
Ammunition allowed on the Outdoor Range:

I. Handguns
II. Rifles and Carbines
No centerfire rifles (or carbines), shotguns, or fully automatic weapons are allowed, with the exception that shotguns may be patterned or chronographed on the Outdoor Range with a small number of shells. Eye and ear protection are mandatory for everyone (shooters and observers alike).

See theClub Safety Rules for the full set of rules that apply to the use of these ranges.

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