Game Preserve

The Fin Fur and Feather has a licensed Game Preserve for Club members only.

Game Preserve Program
The Game Preserve Program runs for a 6-month period, October 1st through March 31st. Membership is currently open, but is subject to being closed when the number of members reaches a level that the Game Preserve Committee considers to be unsafe.

Harvest Limits
Two pheasants are stocked per hunter each scheduled stocking. Hunters are allowed to harvest 3 pheasants per day.

Game Preserve Program members are permitted a guest, except on Saturdays and holidays. The member and the guest must share a single shotgun, and the bag limit is shared between them.

A map of the Club boundaries is issued to each member of the Game Preserve Program. This map is also posted on the bulletin board in the main clubhouse. The map identifies boundaries around the property within which hunting is permitted.

Hunting Hours
Hunting hours are from 7:00 AM until sunset. Stocking days are Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Game Committee
The Game Committee consists of ten members and is responsible for coordinating and governing the operation of the Game Preserve. The Game Committee members also serve as Range Officers who are responsible for enforcing the Game Preserve Rules and Regulations.

See the Club Safety Rules for the full set of rules that apply to the use of the Fin Fur and Feather Game Preserve.

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