Membership applications are now being accepted

To apply, complete the application form above on this page or request the form by email us at:

We do not accept walk-in applications.

To join the Fin, Fur, and Feather Club you will need a current Commonwealth of Massachusetts Firearms License or be in the process of applying for your Firearms License and be sponsored by a current member. If you do not have a club sponsor one will be assigned to you. (License not required for Junior Membership.)

As an applicant for membership, you must:

● Complete a Membership Application Form

● Hold a current and valid Commonwealth of Massachusetts Firearms License (LTC or FID Card). This step is not required for Junior Membership

o If your Firearms License is currently being processed, we are willing to accept your application in a “held” status until your license is officially approved

o Held applicants should send a copy of their Firearms License once officially approved

● Send us your membership forms and copy of your Massachusetts Firearms License

● Pay your joining fees

● Attend a Club New Member Safety Meeting

● Attend a Shooting Qualification Meeting with an assigned Range Safety Officer and successfully complete a Range Qualification Session

● Attend a Board of Directors Meeting with your Club Sponsor

Once you have completed the above requirements and your application has been approved, you will receive:

● A new member packet

● Your club membership identification card

● An electronic Cardkey with appropriate access levels

Note: Pistol Range access cardkeys are issued only to members who are at least 18 years old and have successfully completed a Range Safety Qualification session.

For any other information about the Club, email the Membership Committee at

If for any reason your membership to the club is denied, all monies paid will be refunded.

Membership Fees

One-Time Initiation Fee

$  175

Annual Membership Fee

$  190

One-Time Initiation Fee (Junior Membership)

$  10

Annual Membership Fee (Junior Membership)

$  10

Annual Pistol Range & Clubhouse Card Key Fee

$  40

Replacement fee for a lost or damaged card key

$  5

There is a Family Membership available where the first adult member joins as a full member and pays all the joining fees. At any time later, the spouse of that member may then join by paying only their membership dues. Any children of the family who qualify as Junior Members may also join by paying only their membership dues.

All individuals must attend all the meetings define by the Membership Process defined above.